Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pressure and Atmospheric Storage Tanks

The following shows photographs of installed air pressurized water storage tanks.  These tanks are used to supply automatic dry pipe, wet pipe, pre-action and deluge fire protection systems.

The following photo shows the internal of a pressurized water tank after internal painting:

The following photo shows a "spool" piece used to connect a manual water fill line to a pressurized water storage tank.  The spool piece is ordinarily left out of the pipe network to prevent backflow from the pressurized tank into a potable water supply:

The previous mentioned spool piece is installed when filling the pressure tank at the location photographed below:

Photo below shows a 150 PSI 7,500 gallon air pressurized water storage tank.  Note, the tires are not permitted to be stored near or under this tank:

Following photograph partially shows an atmospheric fire protection water storage tank (orange vessel), also shown is combustible storage under the tank.  Storage is not permitted.

Following photo shows an atmospheric tank level indicator.  There is no automatic supervision of this tank's level:

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