Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On Dry Chemical Systems

The following photo shows a dry chemical overhead piping system:

The following photo shows a pneumatic actuator to dry chemical (Foray) storage tanks (system is undergoing inspection):

Below, a photo shows tanks being disconnected and removed for inspection:

Another photo showing on going inspection:

Initiating Panel undergoing inspection:
Below, a photo shows recently inspected (and weighted) nitrogen cylinders used to trip various dry chemical systems:

Dry Chemical Nozzle is shown (visual inspection being conducted, blow off cap removed):

Photo below shows a normal pneumatic actuator:

The next three (3) photos show a pneumatic actuator (removed from a 1,500# Foray system) removed from service.  The actuator is in a non-normal condition. 

The next photo shows a side view of the actuator:

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