Friday, May 13, 2016

On Fire Pumps

The photo below may show a diesel driven horizontal split case (750 GPM) fire pump where the packing gland drain is not piped to a drain:

Photographed below is an unlisted pressure gauge on the discharge side of the fire pump above.  Also note, due to mechanical interference (from heat exchanger cooling line) inspector is unable to install correct gauge:

The following photo shows fire pump building conventional fire alarm in alarm state and fire pump controller indicating fire pump running:

Below, a tag on the flange of the fire pump is the only pump identification information available on site:

Below, a photo shows diesel engine instrument display while diesel engine and pump are running.  Note the fuel pressure is in the non-normal (red) zone:

The following photo shows a weekly pressure chart.  It also shows at least 6 start/stop cycles of the facility jockey pump.  The pump cycling is due to system leaks.

The next paper pressure chart shows erratic jockey pump operation.  This pump cycling should be investigated.

The following photo shows a diesel fire pump fuel tank.  The arrow points to an unsupervised (no chain lock, seal, electrical supervision or sign) on supply side 1/4 turn ball valve on the fire pump fuel tank:

A close up of the fuel tank ball valve:

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