Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fire Protection System Failure Reports, Technical Service Bulletins, Manufacturer and Insurer Alerts and Recalls

Below is a random list of internet sources articles, new stories and reports discussing and detailing a number of incidents where fire protection systems failed to perform:


Fire and sinking of twin-rig prawn trawler Karinya Marine Accident Investigation Branch report - GOV.UK

MAIB Report No 17/2014 -Corona Seaways - Serious Marine Casualty

MAIB Report No xx/2013 - NameOfVessel - [Very] Serious Marine Casualty

Onward Report No 27/2012

SD Nimble Report No 23/2012

Commodore Clipper Report No 24/2011

Fire in machinery space on ro-ro passenger ferry Oscar Wilde Marine Accident Investigation Branch report - GOV.UK

Fire in engine room of general cargo vessel Saline Marine Accident Investigation Branch report - GOV.UK

Vision II Report No 8/2009

Shark and Royalist Reports No 13/2008

Figaro Report No 14/2008

Lady Candida Report No 4/2008

Fire in engine room on pilot boat Haven Hawk Marine Accident Investigation Branch report - GOV.UK

The Calypso Report No 8/2007





DoD IG - Reports and Publications - Compliance with Electrical and Fire Protection Standards of
U.S.Controlled and Occupied Facilities in Afghanistan

Hancock residents say alarm system failed during fire |
failed fire alarm - Google Search

A failed fire sprinkler system | Garrett Engineers, Inc.


USCG Detains Bulker in Portland After Numerous Fire Hazards Found On Board - gCaptain

Drive By Inspection - Connecticut?

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  1. Mircom Heat Detector Technical Service Bulletin has been issued: