Friday, May 6, 2016


A fire door in a hospital located in a southern state.  The door is on magnetic locks.  Note the painted UL label.

Doors photographed below are on hold open magnetic locks.  The magnetic locks release on water flow activation.  The doors close and prevent use of elevators.  Multistory brand name hotel occupancy of ordinary construction, Western United States.

Below, an incorrectly maintained fire door.

The photo below shows a field modified (elastic band) fire door, the door closer also has been disconnected.
Other side of this door is shown below:

The following (2) photos will show a disconnected automatic door closer. The room is a data center with a FE-13 clean agent suppression system installed.  There is no automatic sprinkler (backup) system installed:

Below a photo shows a set of fire doors propped open:

The next photo shows the door label for the above site:

Below, a photograph of an improperly field modified fire door.

The photo below shows a missing door closer:

Below, a photo shows a propped open fire door.  Additionally, an arrow will be pointing to the UL fire door label. Also note the mounting bracket for a fire extinguisher.

Below a photo shows a propped open fire door:

Below a fire door propped open:

The photo below shows a fire door propped open:

The following photo shows painted UL fire door markings and partially obscured or damaged marking (NFPA 80 violation):

Below, a photo may show a painted fire door label.

Below is a photo of the door frame referenced above.  The fire door has been removed from the frame and is missing:

The next two (2) photos will show a propped open fire door in a dormitory building:

Exit Doors may be blocked, see below.

Fire doors in sleeping quarters, military installation, Kuwait.  No auto sprinkler installed, only addressable fire alarm.

Potentially blocked exit

More open fire doors in dormitory housing:

More open fire doors, dormitory housing.  Middle East.

A book defeats a fire door:

Obstructed Door:

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