Monday, May 2, 2016

Broken Valves

Broken valves come in all shapes and sizes.  Some failures are due to mechanical impact damage by people and/or vehicles, some are due to freeze damage (water subjected to cold temperatures resulting in ice thereby causing internal tension overload) and some are unknown.

Freeze damage - below:

Leaking valves, see below.

Same valve above, now removed from system:

Another broken valve handle:

Hose station handle missing:

Wall Post Indicator and Structure Damaged.  Note missing wheel.

Inside the structure - opposite side of WPIV

From the other side of the riser, inside:

Dry Valve Trim Valve photos below - investigation showed air leak through the valve, resulting in dry valve trip.

Broken, below:

Trim valve is missing hand-wheel:

Gauge missing from fire pump, valve body damaged:

It happens before it gets installed, too.

Broken handle is replaced, original left in place.

Missing hardware:

In the following series of photos, a damaged diaphragm on a LP Victaulic valve was found.  I was sent to a site to investigate why a fire sprinkler tech could not reset a newly installed dry valve.  I cannot tell you how the failure occurred, I do not know.  I have redacted the riser room image removing the fire sprinkler contractor's logo.

The following photos show a destroyed butterfly valve.  The water supply is via a private lake and a vertical turbine fire pump taking suction from the lake.  Casino.  I will not disclose location.

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