Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fire Alarm Wiring, Inspection, Testing and Design/Install

This exposed fire alarm wiring may not be "code".  This may be a design/install error:

Then we have this:

And another one:

Support of wiring on a dry valve system is with string and seismic bracing, see below:

Exposed fire alarm wiring (for vane type water flow system) as shown below may not be in accordance with the NFPA 72 fire alarm standard. A design/installation error.

The photo below shows an open fire alarm junction box upon arrival:

Pictured below a non-listed enclosure for a fire alarm control panel:

Below, shielded coaxial cable for fire alarm central station radio is shown.  Quality of work is suspect:
The following photo shows a fire alarm control panel plexiglass door that was drilled by an occupant so they could silence the fire alarm without unlocking the FACP door.  Location: Military Installation, Mid-East, April 2017

Potential Fraud, Waste and Abuse.  Un-used conduit.  AJAB, Mid-East 2017

Fire alarm in trouble, National Museum of Kuwait

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