Sunday, May 15, 2016


Below a photo shows a CO-2 high pressure switch main/reserve switch in the reserve position.  The reason is unknown.

Another CO-2 system with reserve switch engaged:

Below a photo of a CO-2 releasing pull station.  Notice the contradictory signage:

Below, a photo shows a LED indicating a CO-2 system in maintenance mode:
The following photo shows a diesel generator room protected by a zoned CO-2 system.  The fire door is incorrectly propped open.

Below, the exterior of an electronics cabinet for a satellite earth station is shown.  An exterior heat exhaust louver is shown.  Often these do not close on CO-2 (or other clean agent activation):

On test of a clean agent (FE-13) system the louver pictured below did not close:

Another louver in the same protected cabinet/space:

The next photo shows a motorized louver in a CO2 protected satellite earth station, the louver did not close on system activation:

The following photo shows the relay inside the releasing panel that controls the above mentioned louver:
Not all systems have electrical maintenance switches.  Photographed below is a maintenance switch on a clean agent system.  The maintenance switch is in the armed position:
The following photograph shows two (2) CO-2 control modules removed for testing. Note, the control modules are not supervised:

The following photo shows a CO-2 Kidde-Fenwal control module solenoid activated (from testing):

The photo below shows two (2) CO-2 cylinders.  They were last weighted in 2014.  The photo was taken in Spring 2016:

The following shows a door on a CO-2 protected space (diesel generator, not pictured).  This inspector is unaware if calculations and/or a fan test was performed to verify the door leakage will not adversely affect the CO-2 system's performance:

Photographed below ("blue box") is a CO-2 protected diesel generator.  A cross-zoned fire alarm & releasing system is also installed.  Central station service is provided by a 1W VHF radio network, the F/A radio antenna (to the upper right of the door) can be seen on the front of the blue conex box:

Photographed below is a diesel generator protected by a single bottle high pressure cross-zoned CO-2 system.

The photo below shows the diesel fuel shut off solenoid and ball valve that should be activated on a cross-zone fire detection signal.  Note the ball valve handle is partially obstructed by the piping:

A close up of the diesel fuel shut off valve is below.  Note the handle/pipe mechanical interference.

The photo below shows a high pressure CO-2 bottle about to get weighed:

Photograph below shows the above bottle's gross weight being measured:

Photo below shows a fractured CO-2 discharge indicator.  Note the other indicator in the distance.

The following photo shows a CO-2 rack.  Arrow points to a nut nit fully tightened:

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