Monday, May 9, 2016

Post Indicator Valves (PIVs)

NFPA 25 calls out for the inspection, testing and maintenance of Post Indicator Valves (PIVs).  What follows are photographs of post indicator valves seen in the field.

A series of photos below shows evidence that a PIV once was installed at this location:

Is the PIV pictured below open or closed?  The target requires adjustment.
Here's a close up of the same PIV:
The following PIV is missing a handle, glass plate and is hard to read.  It may require paint and maintenance:
A close up of this PIV (located at a public school) is shown:
This next PIV is shut and its handle is missing.  There is no sign indicating what this serves.  It is located at a major sports complex.
The PIV below suffered vehicular impact damage.  Bollards are recommended.

A PIV in a typical New England mill town:

Another PIV downtown:

The following PIV may have suffered damage, repair work may be required:

A close up of the above PIV. Parts may be missing.

Another PIV below where it is difficult to tell its status.  Open?  Closed? Recommend maintenance be performed.

The following PIV should be inspected to determine if it out of service.  It may have suffered vehicular impact damage.

Another view of the potentially damaged post indicator valve below:

A well painted and secured PIV:

The PIV below is electrically supervised, the handle is sealed.  The lock is, however, open.

The next PIV's handle is sealed and chain locked.

The next PIV may not be fully open.  The target may need to be adjusted:

The PIV below should have its face plate replaced, a lock and seal installed on its handle:

The next PIV's indicator cannot be easily read.  Replace face plate and install seal on handle:

Close up of the PIV above.  Is the valve open or shut?

The PIV below may be deficient in a number of areas:

Another view:

The next PIV may have deficiencies, access is marginally restricted.  Recommend riser nipple to keep this unit from being missed, recommend handle, seal and lock.

A chain lock/seal on the PIV handle below is recommended:

The next PIV is located on public school grounds, the handle is missing, the valve is indicating closed.  No signage indicates why.  The photo is B&W due to my attempt at making fire protection deficiency photos art-like.
The PIV below is missing a chain/lock or seal.  The wiring for the electrical tamper switch appears to have failed.

A PIV on a university campus, ideal location for seal/chain lock on handle:

Missing handle, see below:

Riser nipple and/or snow flag for the PIV below - it is located in "snow country":

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