Sunday, May 8, 2016

Impairment Tags

When a fire protection system is out of service, someone is suppose to post impairment tags.  NFPA 25 says this is an owner's responsibility.  Do owners really have impairment tags and know how/when and where to post them?  Of course not.

Impairment tag posting on FDCs, Risers AND on Fire Alarm Control Panels.


Another example of a properly tagged system below.  If you're not tagging systems out of service, who is? If no one is, you're doing it wrong.

Impaired British Breaching Inlet Valves, Kuwait, 2017

UFC 03-601-02 2010 Impairment Signs.  Note, top sign is in Polish. AJAB Kuwait 2017

Wet sprinkler system is off, impairment sign posted on riser room door.  Note, missing riser room door signage.  Military installation.

Out of Service FA system, no impairment tags posted

Impairment signs on dormitory interior door.

No impairment tags posted:

Dormitory door impairment signs posted.  Military installation, Mid-East. 70% of wet pipe fire sprinkler systems are off.

Impaired Conventional Fire alarm system.  Military Installation, Persian Gulf:

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