Friday, May 13, 2016

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Three (3) photos below will show remains of an accidental discharge of an ABC portable extinguisher.  The extinguisher was placed on a table, not mounted on a wall.  The unit was accidentally knocked over.

The photograph below shows an Ansul Redline dry chemical extinguisher.  It's minimum operating temperature is -65 Deg F.  The particular location where this extinguisher is located exceeds -100 Deg F.

The photo below will show a portable extinguisher on the floor, this is not in compliance with NFPA 10.  Also shown is a sign indicating the extinguisher location.  The sign is not in compliance with NFPA 10:
The following two (2) photographs will show an improperly mounted fire extinguisher.  The extinguisher is also indicating it requires re-charging:

The following in situ photo shows an ABC extinguisher requiring service:

The following photo shows an incorrectly mounted extinguisher:

Two (2) photographs below show Ansul Sental CO-2 extinguishers incorrectly mounted.  The operating environment is COLDER than the manufacturer's minimum operating temperature of -22 Deg F:

The following photo may show a CO-2 extinguisher incorrectly mounted:

The following photo shows an extinguisher not correctly mounted:

The following extinguisher is incorrectly mounted:

The following photo shows an improperly mounted fire extinguisher:

Removed from generator facility, military installation, mid-east, 2017

Incorrectly mounted, military installation, foreign NATO coalition forces.  AJAB, April 2017

Note record of monthly inspections on this extinguisher tag:

Cabinet door rusted, will not open

A large mall in Kuwait City:

Bracket Failures


Recalled from a flood, taken out of service.

No information recorded on inspection tag:

Damaged Bracket:

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