Sunday, May 1, 2016

Obstruction Investigations

5 Year Internal Obstruction Investigations can reveal a lot.

More examples of obstructed fire sprinkler systems found during routine pre-planned 5 year inspections:

And particularly small trim valves:

Following photos are from yet another system:

On a different system - material recovered from cross main O&I inspection, see below:

Photo below shows recovered debris from internal inspection:

Close up:

Close up:

1" BI branch line:

The following photograph shows pipe that may be partially obstructed:

Other photos showing possible pipe obstructions:

Pipe below may have some obstruction to flow:

Non-quantifiable debris on floor from obstruction investigation:

A close up - no scale - unfortunately:

More unquantified debris from two additional obstruction investigations:

A cross-main.  Pipe may be obstructed.  Credit to my colleague D.H. for this one:

Below, a 1/2" concealed pendent fire sprinkler head with possible obstruction to flow:

The following section of pipe photographed as found:

Another view:

Below is a photograph of debris recovered from a private fire protection main:

An OS&Y control valve removed from service.  Photograph shows some evidence of possible scale build up:

The next photo shows some evidence of possible obstruction from scale:

In cold storage warehouse, internal inspection of a pre-action system.  Arrow may be pointing to ice.

In another cold storage freezer (pre-action) system internal inspection is conducted.  Three (3) photos show possible obstruction by material having the consistency and characteristics of snow:

The following two (2) photographs show material (blue disc) removed from a private fire protection main.  The material was removed during disassembly of a 4" riser. 

Photo below is "staged" to demonstrate the potential for blockage of a butterfly control valve of the above recovered PVC debris, it also shows scale:

The following series of photographs show a CP high temperature (1989 manufacture date) dry pendent removed from a -20 Deg C cold storage freezer.  System was a Multi-matic A-4 pre-action.  Head was removed due to visual indication of ice on the deflector.  No water or ice plug was found.  Seal on dry head missing, head filled with hard-packed sand type material:

Below a series of photographs show a 1/2" fire sprinkler head removed from a double interlock pre-action system.  There is some evidence to such (unquantified amounts) debris was in the system.  Debris is mechanically "knocked out" of head on bumper of service vehicle:

Below, debris recovered from inside a fire sprinkler system:

In another pre-action system, this time a computer data center, the photo below may show evidence of some obstruction to flow:

Below a series of photographs show the internal condition of several 4" GEM brand riser check valves (face plates removed for internal inspection).  The system valves 
are Star (1988) Electromatic Model D, trimmed as Pre-Action.

Below is a photo of unquantified debris recovered from one ofthese 4" GEM brand riser check valves. 

Photo below shows same debris poured out of the container, debris solidified due to the extreme cold of the outside environment:

Internal photographs of Victaulic Brand S-758 Low Pressure Valves (Trimmed as DIPA) are shown:

The next series of photographs reportedly shows the internal condition of  a heavily corroded spool piece of pipe removed from a wet pipe (supply-side) fire protection system:

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