Monday, May 9, 2016

Manual Pull Stations

Documented below is the photographic record of manual pull station inspections.  MPS inspections are covered under NFPA 72 (and other standards).  Miscellaneous storage blocking access to MPS are the most common deficiency observed.  Occasionally, however, the devices will not work or are not properly attached to structure.

Photo below shows a MPS partially detached from structure.  Occupancy is a multi-story apartment complex.

Next photo shows a MPS partially obstructed by fire sprinkler standpipe system:

Next we have a well marked out of service call box:

Next we have an indoor MPS obstructed by miscellaneous storage:

Another view:

Next we have a MPS (sometimes called a "call point") station showing improper repair.  The glass is fractured and it is cracked. 

An investigation later showed damage was caused by "horse play", however, the non-standard repair was done with clear plastic tape.

Next photo shows the improper repair in more detail:

Additional pieces were found incorrectly repaired with "tape":

Next series of photos show a MPS detached from structure.  Note the missing clamp on the vertical conduit.

A side view:

From the other side, device appears to be pulled out of structure:

Now my hand is on the pull station itself:

Back side of pull station:

Conduit clamp has been pulled from structure:

The next pull station is obstructed by a deep / large tool box.

Another view:

Another minor obstruction:

And again:

Pull station with a tamper cover obstructed by miscellaneous storage in a restaurant:

And behind a beverage cooler:

See behind cooler:

Close up:

A call point station held together with clear plastic tape:

An improperly maintained pull station, note wire:

Renovation?  Is this MPS operational:

Presumably an out of service call box below:

Failed End of Line Capacitor on Call Point Station:

A Call Point Station with an incorrect replace, glass as no indication on what the device is, no signage:

The following may show an obstructed manual pull station:

The following photograph will show a manual pull station subject to an extreme cold environment:

A CO-2 pull station in release mode (for testing):

Below is a photograph showing pull station conduit partially detached from structure. 

Below is another view:

Blocked Pull Station, Military Chapel, April 2017

Incorrectly marked out of service fire alarm system.  

Condition of outside manual "call point" stations at national museum in Persian Gulf.

Water found in pull station, warehouse, military installation, Persian Gulf.

Condensing humidity found in pull station, AJAB April 2017

Improperly mounted pull station, loose.  Cold storage facility at military installation in Persian Gulf

Obstructed Pull Station.  Electrical Sub-Station.  Middle-East 2017

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