Monday, April 25, 2016


Lots and lots of leaks out there. This leak is on a 3% AFFF foam system at a military aviation repair facility.

Below we have a leak in a busy fire pump room, note yellow arrow.

Evidence of small leak on 3% AFFF foam bladder tank.  Leak may have occurred during ITM operations at flange by flange gasket.

Leaks during a fire pump test.

Close-up of the rose-bud test header above is below:

Two (2) photos below reportedly show a non-standard leak repair on a jockey pump:

PG Anti-freeze system on Poz-Lok pipe in an attic pictured below.  Pipe is not subject to ordinary NFPA 25 inspection due to NFPA 25 scope limitations.

The photo below may show a leak in an above ground heat traced fire protection line (located in an extreme cold environment):

Another possible leak on this above ground heat traced supply is shown below:

And another:

Below, a number of leaks are found (not photographed).  Photo shows marking of pipe for later service:

Another photo of the same system possibly showing a leak:

Photo below shows an additional section of this pipe network with possible leak.  Cannot be ascertained due to  lack of ground clearance:

Another view. 

Possible leak on the section of pipe photographed below:

And more:

Below, an OS&Y control valve is shown with no apparent signage.  Also shown is an old leak on the backside of a Multimatic A-4 deluge valve (trimmed as a DIPA).  Note the "napkin" in the photo.

Below two (2) more photos showing close up of the previous leak:

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