Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Difficult to access hardware for inspections/testing/maintenance

The riser room below is full of miscellaneous storage making access for ITM difficult. This is likely a fire code violation:

And another one, below:

Below is shown an inspector at work.  A clear OSHA violation, however, installation / design of systems whereby access is made challenging are a contributing factor:

Below is shown a riser room where the OS&Y control valve handwheel mechanically impinges on another fire sprinkler pipe making operation of the OS&Y control valve difficult.  Design/Install error.  Image has been redacted to protect contractor.

Below, a dry pipe inspector's test connection is shown.  Miscellaneous storage blocks access:

Another site:

Following photo shows a client closet with a drum drip/condensation trap (see arrow) obstructed by miscellaneous storage:

Difficult to access fire alarm, no problem.  Note damaged locks.

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