Saturday, April 23, 2016


This personal blog documents fire protection system (e.g. fire sprinkler, fire hydrant, fire pump, fire alarm, clean agent, and special hazard) deficiencies I have encountered in my travels since entering the business in 2002.

For protection of client relationships precise location of facilities where these deficiencies were observed will not be identified.

The photographs have been taken during travels throughout the United States and several foreign countries.  The northeast/US, southeast/US and Rocky Mountain areas are heavily represented.  Foreign countries include several in the Southern Hemisphere and one or more in south west Asia.

Not all photos were taken as a result of inspections, some were where I was merely visiting the facility as a customer, sales agent or mere visitor.  Of those taken during inspection work, most were conducted under NFPA 25.  A smaller fraction were conducted under Unified Facility Criteria or FM Datasheet 2-81.

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